Sense of humour

Sense of Humour

Laughing loudly at least for a few minutes a day, is strongly recommended by medical experts. We use 14 muscles to smile and it is a good exercise to our face muscles. When we laugh “Feel Good” hormones are released in our body which relieves the stress and gives the feeling of relaxation. It lightens the moods and makes active. Healthy jokes are good stuff for healthy laugh.

Teacher: 3x6 is how much?
Student: 18

Teacher: Good, then 6x3 is how much?
Student: 81

Baby fish: Mummy, why can’t we live on earth?
Mother fish: The earth is not a place for fish, it is made for the selfish.

Ticket collector: Please show your ticket.
Passenger: Ok, it is here, please see it.
Ticket collector: This is old ticket, where is new one?
Passenger: This is also an old train. Is it new one?

Teacher: Hey, boy! why do u flip the coin again & again. It is the exam hall don’t you know?
Student: I know well madam, but I am checking my YES or NO answers by flipping the coin.


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