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Once up on a time there was a forest at the place Mandavaram. In that forest two animals – a Deer and a Crow were very close friends. They were leading a happy life by helping each other.  Whenever they got time they used to wander together in that forest. Other animals liked them very much.

One day a tricky Fox saw the Deer and immediately its mouth started watering. It thought how beautiful, fatty, healthy the Deer is! How great its meat would be tasteful? At any cost I should eat it someday. Panchatantra

Then the Fox began to think how to trap the Deer. It got some idea. It slowly went to the Deer and called with humble tone Oh, my dear Deer, please do you make friendship with me? I live in the nearby forest. When I saw you, at once, I got the remembrance of my old Deer friend who died of fever, told the Fox with tearful eyes. The Deer felt pity and told oh my dear Fox you seem very nice, honest.

Panchatantra Don’t worry I accept to be your friend. By chit-chatting along the way they reached to the house of the Deer and from there the Fox went away saying my dear Deer friend

I would come tomorrow again to meet you. On the way to Deer’s house the Fox told so many good things and jokes to the Deer and it won the faith of the Deer.

From the distance, the Crow observed the Deer moving with a new Fox and asked the Deer, who is this new Fox? Again the Crow told, be cautious in selecting a new friend. Some new comers will be dangerous. Panchatantra

We find many on the earth who harm us and only a few who favour us. A few who exhibit over affection, they dig pits behind us. Be aware. Why do you now need friendship with unknown Fox whose history we don’t know fully, asked the Crow. The Deer felt bad of Crow’s words and thought the Crow is jealous of my new friendship. The Deer then told, Oh my dear Crow friend, the Fox is not bad as you think, it is a very good friend. It may be recalled that, in the beginning we were also new to each other. So how we became friends? Don’t be worried of our new friendship told the Deer. The Crow kept quiet and thought good words always sound harsh to so many. However, the Crow didn’t believe the Fox and kept an eye on it. It feared someday the Fox may harm to the innocent Deer. Now the Deer started to spend most of its time with the Fox and ignored the old Crow friend. Many days passed way like this.

One day the Fox came running to the Deer and told I saw a very big maize field with full of cobs behind that hill and if you come there you can eat maize cobs as much as you like. The Deer was happy to hear that news and thanked the Fox. The Crow which was on the tree heard all this and wanted to stop the Deer from going there but kept quiet because it knows now the Deer is not in a mood  to care its words. The Deer told the Crow, I am going to maize field to graze there, I get back by evening and went away with the Fox.

As soon as the Deer saw the maize crop it jumped happily in to the field and started to eat maize cobs hurriedly. In the joy of eating, the Deer forgot to observe its surroundings. While moving in the field, the Deer got entangled in the net arranged by the farmer of that field. The Fox was waiting exactly for this moment only.

The Deer got fear and shouted by seeing the Fox, Oh my dear Fox friend I got trapped in to the net, please get me out of the net. The Fox laughed loudly and told, do you think I would remove the net? Panchatantra

Ha.. Ha…Ha… I had already seen the arranged net here and so then only I brought you here to get you in this position. Now the farmer comes and he will kill you. For long time I have been waiting to taste your tasteful meat, told the Fox. The Deer got shocked at the betrayal of the Fox. It started to weep. All the words of Crow were re-sounding in its ears. It repented a lot for making friendship with the Fox. But the Fox was happy and was eagerly waiting for the farmer’s arrival, by hiding near a tree.  

As the night is to fall, the Crow got disturbed for not returning of the Deer. It suspected something bad to the Deer and began a search for the Deer. Shortly, it noticed the Deer under the net and the Fox hiding at nearby tree. It went to the Deer and anxiously enquired about the things. The Deer wept loudly to see the Crow and described the treachery of the Fox. The Deer cried I got the right punishment for not heeding your words and my death is sure in the hands of the farmer. The Crow consoled the Deer and asked not to lose the heart. Let us think how to get rid of this problem.

Very soon the Crow got an idea and told the Deer when the farmer comes, you lay down as died and I act as eating your eyes. The farmer thinks you are dead and he will remove the net. The very next moment I give you a signal by shouting and then you get alert to run away from here. In a short time, they also found the farmer coming towards them with a thick stick in his hand. The joy of the Fox doubled to see the farmer but it didn’t know the plan of the Crow.

He drove away the crow, and he removed the net from the top of the Deer. The Crow flew away crying calv…calv as a signal. The Deer in no time stood and ran away from there. Panchatantra

The farmer got stunned at this unexpected event, and immediately with full of angry he threw his hard stick with full of force, aimed at the Deer. The Crow cautioned the Deer of the speedy stick and the Deer escaped from its hit. The Fox also, after seeing all this, tried to run away from there, but the speed-moving stick missed the aim and has hit straight to the head of the Fox. Alas! The poor Fox died of that hard hit screaming kuyo…kuyo. The Deer thanked very much to the Crow and they lived together happily as earlier.

Morals: A friend in need is indeed. Be wise in selecting the friends. If we think of harm to others, it reverses to us only. 

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