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Indian Yoga & Meditation

A blend of Pranayam (breathing system) and Meditation – India’s gift to the world, is a health healing system evolved by Indian saints in ancient times of BC. Still it is being followed by millions of people all
Yoga asanas
over the world. It is so simple and easy system that anyone can do it. Indian Yoga, on one hand, relieves the stress, strengthens our mental status with peace of mind and on other hand, it keeps many diseases away from us by curing the ailments to keep the body fit. Thereby, it reduces the necessity of medicine in-take. Regular practice of Yoga keeps you quite healthy, regulates hormonal imbalances, and checks Thyroid, Diabetes, BP, cardiac, cerebral disorders, acidity, constipation, Spondilytis etc. and prolongs longevity. By Yoga & Meditation you can feel the real satisfaction of the total body relaxation and mental peace.. One more significant benefit of the Yoga is it delays ageing process by strengthening the body mechanism & metabolism..
Yoga asanas
Many Yoga CDs with English translation are available in Indian market and by seeing its CDs you can easily practice the Yoga at your own.

Note: Many fake & sub-standard yoga CDs/books are found in Indian markets. Be cautious in selecting. For the market information of standard Yoga CDs/books developed by expert & qualified gurus, you can enquire with us, before you make any purchases from India, to avoid Duplication/Deception.


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