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Indian Grand Cinema

The first Indian-made motion picture ‘Panorama of Calcutta’ was screened in 1897, India’s first feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’ was made in 1913 and India’s first talkie film ‘Alam Ara’ was made in 1931. Today the film industry of India is the biggest one in the word, with an average production of 700 films per year. Hindi film industry, located at Mumbai, is the largest one in India and it is called as ‘Bollywood’. An average time of an Indian feature film is 3hrs.

Indain Film Directors
Satyajiy Ray, BR Chopra, Bapu

India produced many world famous entertainment & thought-provoking films like Mother India, Madhumati, Aavaara etc. Though you don’t know the language of Indian films, you can enjoy Indian films having narration with English titles along with scenes.

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