It is a wonderful and strange herbal material with high medicinal properties.  In entire world, its availability is only in India. It is considered as one of the world’s costliest items. Its price ranges between USD 30/gram – USD 35/gram, depending on the season. It has huge demand in China and is widely used by Chinese in their herbal medicines. It is largely exported to China from India. According to Chinese, it has multiple medicinal values to treat nearly 20 diseases like, Sexual disorders, Soothing the stomach, Asthma, Cough & Colds, Epilepsy, Neuralgia, Detoxification etc. It is also used in aphrodisiacs as stimulant, to retain stamina in elderly persons, to retard ageing process etc. It keeps internal body warm in acute cold climatic conditions. It is curious to note that in entire world only Chinese are using it and only Chinese evaluated its effectiveness & richness.  It is also equally curious to know about its production techniques which have two systems. 

Indian Fowzaar

Indian Fowzaar (Un-broken )

Indian Fowzaar broken pieces

Indian Fowzaar (Broken Pieces)


“Dip & Dry System”:  Some tribal groups in India, collect fine quality ‘Acacia Arabica’ plant seeds. They soak these seeds in the extracts of some most powerful & rare herbs collected from thick forests, which they only know. For a few hours they dip the seeds in the extracts and for a few hours they dry the soaked seeds in the shades. They do like this for 90 – 100 days. In this process a thin layer of all these plants’ extracts is formed around the seeds to become in the shape of solid balls, which are considered as a powerful herbal medicine known as Fowzaar.

“Grazing System”: Some tribal people in India feed ‘Acacia Arabica’ plant seeds to their sheep in more quantities. Nearly 10 – 20% of these seeds remains un-chewed and gets stuck in duodenums of sheep. In next step, these sheep are daily made to graze on some varieties of effective plant leaves for 80 – 90 days. When these sheep chew all these plant leaves, its extracts go inside of duodenums and they gradually form their thin layer around the swallowed seeds to become in to the shape of solid balls. When these sheep go to slaughter houses, there this material is collected from these animals’ stomachs. After washing & purification process it is dried, which is considered as a powerful herbal medicine known as Fowzaar. Though it is formed in animal body(sheep) it is a purely herbal material.

This material produced in either way seems same and have almost equal medicinal values. In fact, this material appears very simple but its uses are very effective. Since this has heavy demand from China, for purchases, one has to book orders well in advance.


Note: Duplicate Indian fowzaar is also sold in some parts of India. Be aware of its quality as it is very expensive one. For the market information of genuine, original and fully-dried Indian Fowzaar you can enquire with us, before you make any purchases from India, to avoid Duplication/Deception.

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