Indian Food

Indian Food

India prepares wide varieties of food items that, perhaps, can’t be found elsewhere in the world. Indian food is something spicy when compared to the Western. Rice is the most important staple in India, where as wheat is also largely used in North India. More than 60 types of pulses are in use. India, perhaps, has more vegetarians than the rest of the world combined. For non-vegetarians Sheep, Chicken, Fish are the mainstays. Hindus don’t take beef and Muslims refrain away from pork. Vegetarians use large varieties of vegetables, pulses, lentils etc. India has stunning varieties of mouth-watering sweets, the delicious tastes of which remain as a sweet memory to one who tasted them. India crops more than 500 varieties of Mangoes – the king of fruits, and exports mangoes world- wide to meet approximately 60% of the world’s need.

Indian mango pickle


India’s few internationally acclaimed dishes which deserve to be tasted by foreigners.

Pickles: Very deep spicy item made up of un-ripened mangoes, chillies, spices, oils etc.

Biryani (Particularly Hyderabad Biryani): A hot rice dish made up of fragrant Basmati rice, mutton/chicken, spices, chillies, oils etc. all cooked on steam.

Hyderabad Biryani Kababs

Kababs: Baked mutton/chicken/fish pieces coated with spices, chillies, etc. with oil/with out oil.

‘Rasgulla’ (one of the world’s most popular sweets), Barfi, Basundi, Halwa, Kalakan, Gulabjamun etc. are other popular sweets of India worth of eating.

Tea - popularly known as Chai in India, is a widely used short drink and is the drink of the masses in India. It is made up of milk, water, tea-powder, sugar to be served hot. 

Lassi, Faluda, Badam milk are some other important flavored drinks in India.

Faluda Lassi

“Feni” – A popular liquor of Goa, distilled from coconut milk or cashews deserves to be tasted.

Beers, Indian Made Foreign Liquors (IMFL) and other foreign liquors are widely available in India.

NOTE: In India there are some reputed, trust-worthy manufacturing firms who export snacks & sweets on orders. They maintain high quality & hygiene. For the market information of such genuine products’ exporters you can enquire with us, before you make any purchases from India, to avoid Duplication/Deception.

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