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Indian Epics

“The Ramayana”, “The Mahabharata”, “The Geeta” are considered as the great epics of India. Though they were believed to be composed somewhere in BC, they are evergreen sacred books for Hindus in India. In all epics Hindu Gods play important roles. All epics lay stress on the importance of truth, morals, spiritualism in human life. Hindus believe these epic stories really happened in India. 

The Ramayana:  Composed somewhere in 4th or 3rd century BC by saint Valmiki. Rama (Hindus believe Rama is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form), the king of Ayodhya is the hero of this epic. At the wish of his step mother, Rama with his wife Sita, and his brother Lakshmana went to the exile to forests for 14 years. Ravana – the demon king of Lanka, abducts Sita and takes her to his place. With the help of army of monkeys led by God Hanuman, Rama finds his wife Sita and kills the demon king Ravana. Though Rama faces many severe hardships in life, he never violates the right path of moral values. The entire epic, with many other characters takes many interesting twists, concentrating on ethics. 

The Mahabharata: Believed to be written around 2nd or 1st millennium BC by saint Vyasa. This is the epic story of battle between good forces (five people known as Pandavas) and evil forces (100 people known as Kauravas). With the help of Lord Krishna (according to Hindus he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu) Pandavas kill Kauravas in the battle, to get back their Hasthinapur kingdom (supposed to be present Delhi) from Kauravas. Its moral is that the Truth always triumphs over the False. The entire epic is very impressive with so many other roles. 

The Geeta: This is the collection of teachings made by Lord Krishna to king Arjuna at the time of Kurukshetra battle. These both characters appear in the epic ‘Mahabharata’. It deals with life truths and morals, ethics to be followed by mankind. It demarcates the role of Almighty and the role of a human being on the earth in an impressive way. It has many popular quotations/slokas (poems) like “Man has the right only to work but has no right to think of the result. It is the God who takes care of the result”. “As a human being throws away old & torn clothes to wear a new one, in the same way our Soul leaves one life (body) after death, to enter in to another life (body) of a newly born”. 

All Indian epics are available in English version also in India. These epics are worth of reading by spiritual minded people all over the world.

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