Indian Comics & Panchatantra

Indian Comics & Panchatantra

In recent times India also started producing comic films (animation films). Indian comic films largely revolve around Indian mythological heroes and moral-teaching stories. These comics entertain children and elders as well. Many comics are available in English version. 


“THE PANCHATANTRA”:  An extraordinary Indian ancient book is a collection of 100 -120 folk tales in which largely animals play roles. Every story in this book teaches some morals, ethics, practical truths to be followed in human life. It is a worth-reading book by every child of every nation. On one hand it entertains children with its stories and on other hand it helps children develop mental ability, wisdom & build personality. This book was already translated in to almost 60 languages world-wide. This book in English version also is available in Indian markets.


Sample Story - Click here >>


Note: Many split books of Panchatantra with trivial stories are available in Indian markets. Be cautious of duplicate, split books. For market information of genuine comic CDs & original comprehensive Panchatantra book with quality printing, you can enquire with us, before you make any purchases from India, to avoid Duplication/Deception.

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