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Indian Ayurveda (Herbal Medicine System) & Indian Fowzaar

Indian Ayurveda is an ancient herbal medicine and holistic healing system developed by Indian ancient Saints. Very rare and effective herbs are used in Indian herbal medicines. Even, Indian Ayurveda has effective medicines to some serious diseases which are not found in Allopathy. Ayurveda says every plant on the earth has some medicinal value. India is rich in wide varieties of powerful medicinal herbs. Since Indian herbal medicines have no side effects, its usage became widespread all over the world.


Indian Ayurveda Herbs Chayanprash

it is India’s unique & highly regarded herbal nutritional supplement in the form of a paste with sour & sweet in the taste. It is a mixture of 10 – 14 rare and effective herbs. Its regular usage strengthens immunity, nervous system, stimulates appetite and improves mental ability. Regulates body metabolism, reduces cholestrol and has other detoxification effects. Delays ageing process. Every part of human body, in some way, is benefited by this nutritional product. It is one of the largest exported herbal products from India. You can also use it with trust to enjoy its benefits.

Indian Fowzaar

Indian Fowzaar

It is a wonderful and strange herbal material with high medicinal properties.  In entire world, its availability is only in India. It is considered as one of the world’s costliest items. Its price ranges between USD 30/gram – USD 35/gram, depending on the season.

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Note: Many sub-standard, fake herbal products are available in Indian markets. Be cautious in selecting the herbal products. For the market information of genuine & trust-worthy herbal products in India, you can enquire with us, before you make any purchases from India, to avoid Duplication/Deception.


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