health tips

Health Tips

“Health is wealth”. “Prevention is better than cure”. These two small sentences fit right to our Health. Small precautions save us from big ailments. If we are healthy then only we can enjoy our wealth and life perfectly. No doubt you are well aware of health aspects, still we made a small effort to alert you in this regard. 

  • Do vigorous physical exercise at least for 20-30 minutes in a day.
  • Indian Yoga & meditation is thought to be a fine solution to keep the health fit in a natural way in these modern stressful days.
  • Expose your back to the morning Sun at least for 5 minutes a day.
  • Nutritious break-fast is a must.
  • Take plenty of water 3-4 lit. in a day.
  • Ladies are easily affected early, by Osteoporosis/Osteo-arthritis. Maintain proper intake of calcium/HT.
  • Always breath to full extent.
  • Ladies of 25 or above are advised to make once in a month a Self Examination of Breasts (SEB) by "Squeezing Test" to find any unwanted tumors in them and once in a year have a "Pop Smear Test." These are very simple tests.
  • People of 30 or above are advised to have once in a year the simple medical tests of B.P., Blood Sugar(fasting & post lunch), ECG, Serum Creatin, Blood Cholestrol, CBP, ESR, LFT etc.. These small tests in time may save you from many possible critical illnesses.
  • If u feel always fatigue, once have Thyroid (T3,T4,TSH) tests.
  • PMS can largely be controlled by the intake of mild NSAIDs & mild anti-deppressants from two days before of the expected date of menstruation.
  • Once, at least in a fortnight, DUSHING is advised by medical experts to ladies, to avoid frequent genital infections.
  • Pet animals are many times reason for certain allergies. Keep away children from them.

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