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Hello, Dear Foreign Friends. This site is hosted by Indian Friends’ Assn. for Foreign Tourists (IFAFT) with a view to voluntarily assist foreigners who like to visit India and to foreigners who are on Indian tour, by giving genuine tourism information at free of cost. Since ours is a non-commercial and purely service oriented organization we always give very precise, trust-worthy information than that what is given by commercial tour organizations, whose information largely inter-related to their profit expectations. Our motive is just to make you well aware of India – good and bad, and to make your Indian tour totally a satisfactory, comfortable and fruitful one. We request you to compare the information given by us to the information obtained by you from other commercial organizations, before you plan to tour in India. Our aim is just to take care of your Safety & Comfort when you happen to be in India. While your tour in India, if you face any problem or if you require any information, you are most welcome to contact us round-the-clock. Dear friends, when you are on Indian tour, due to time & distance factors, we may not meet you, but please remember that, the distance between us is just a phone call or an e-mail. If you tell us the number of days you want to stay in India, we will guide you properly by e-mail where to go and where not to go. This avoids wastage of time and expenditure to you. Please feel free to contact us anytime for any information. We hope this small effort of ours helps you big in fulfilling your quest for India. Apart from tourism, we have also added some other interesting topics in this site.


"This site is hosted by Indian Friends’ Assn. for Foreign Tourists (IFAFT)"

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